Monday, December 19, 2011

Another quick update..

It looks like Ill be going back to NYC for my week long visit on Jan 8th to Columbia/Presbyterian Hospital where my Dr. O is moving back to after a 3 year hiatus at NYU. I will also get my eye chemo right before I go in the hospital for high dose MTX with Leukovorin rescue, and intrathecal Ara C.. looks to be 6-8 doses.. so more treatment for the next 6-8 months to finish out the process, since we do it every 4 weeks. Its not looking like Im going to loose my hair, just maybe some thinning at most.  I feel pretty good! Had a visit with my ONC here in town, and all my blood counts and liver enzymes were all stable. Yay!  So, from now until Ive got to go back and put my boxing gloves back on Im going to eat, rest, and be merry. With my sweet Skylar pie!!!!

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