Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not much news

Everything seems to be going ok with the oral drug Vorinostat that Im taking. I dont know if its working or not, but I sure hope so! Ill have another scan at the beginning of August to see whats going on. The last scan I had showed 2 liver lesions. My lab work has been great. Im just hanging out with Skylar and being a mommy! Please say a prayer for our friends Adrienne and her mom Alison, Adrienne is in the hospital with some pain issues related to some new chemo, and my friend Hillary who has a scary new bump that is feared to be cancerous. So start that prayer train! I can also use some prayers as Ive been having some abdomen pain since starting this new drug. I hope its the tumor dying and not growing. Ill update when I have some new info!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Moving on to Dr. O'Connor

I havent updated in a while, since I thought this was sort of my dealings with transplant. But, unfortunantly, we learned my cancer had come back with avengence, in my spleen, liver, and several lymphnodes. I was told to go home and "get my affairs in order" Since that isnt an option, we went in search of the top doc in the country, if not the world on lymphoma, Dr. Owen O'Connor in NYC. Since my cancer has become resistant to chemo and my remissions are becoming shorter and shorter, its time to think outside the box. Besides cancer, Im otherwise healthy, so Im not going to go home and die.. sorry.. not my style. So I have began a drug trial using the drugs Vorinistat, which is approved by the FDA for Peripheral T cell lymphoma, and high dose Vitamin B12. Ive been on it for about a week and havent really had any side effects. Anyways, Skylar keeps me going, and I plan to dance at her wedding. Sorry for the lack of updates, Ive just been really pissed off my transplant didnt work.